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The first thing your potential customers see on the Internet is the address of your website, ie, its domain (domain name). Properly chosen domain name will allocate your website from a large variety of competitors. It is important that it is laconic and correlated in sound with the specifics of the company, for the users to remember it easily.

In technical terminology domain is a region of space of hierarchical names, registered on the World Wide Web. A domain name is unique and cannot be repeated, so here we have to think very carefully to find the most easily remembered and perceived by ear.

Domain registration takes place on special DNS servers of domain registrar companies, one of which is ABC Server. We offer to buy a domain on favorable terms in the majority of popular domain zones.

You can register a domain name with the storage on our DNS-servers, which saves you from having to transfer them when ordering the domain + hosting services. In other cases you will have to connect the database via IP-address.

The process of registration of the domain is the entering of information on the new domain and its administrator in central base of the World Wide Web. During the procedure the name is checked for uniqueness, to eliminate the possibility of accidental repeat with existing. After registration and approval of name the administrator receives all rights to administration and management of the website.

Depending on the level of a domain name, several varieties should be allocated. Originally, 3-alphabetic system was prevalent. Other words, after the name of the website and a dot, the expansion was indicated, which specify the website belonging to a particular thematic group. For example, .com - commercial organizations, .org - non-profit organizations, .net - network resources.

Furthermore, there was also 4-letter extension, which is also the first sign of web resource belonging to specific theme. For example, .info - informational websites, .aero - aviation industry and others. But nowadays a clear division on the subject is not observed, so we offer registration of domain names in all sorts of areas.

Buy a domain in the zone ru and other domain zones

With us you can buy a domain in the zone .ru, .com, .net, .org, as well as most of the thematic and international domain names, some of which are listed below.

Buy domain in a .com zone

The cheapest domain, of course, in the Russian zone, but if you want to promote your resource beyond the borders of the Russian Federation, it is better to buy a domain name .com. This name is spread all over the world and mainly refers only to the commercial organizations. Domestic companies buy it too, although the cost, in comparison with the .ru, is a bit higher.

Buy a domain in .ua zone

If your company wants to consolidate the brand on the Internet, we recommend to buy a domain name .ua. Prices for .ua domains for commercial websites are much higher because of the complicated confirmation the trade mark procedure for the owner, but at the same time much more prestigious.

The domain is registered for a certain period, which is typically no more than 1 year. Therefore, for stable operation of the web resource we recommend to renew the term in advance by paying timely for rent or hosting.

For individuals who have an information and familiarization websites, a simple tariff plan is enough.