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Server hardware placement
in Kharkov Data Center

Maintaining your own server is very costly in terms of time and effort. It is much easier to rent storage space for your own server, which will be under the supervision of professionals with impressive experience. You can also buy ready-made, customized equipment from us. Our experts will provide you with the operation of equipment 24/7, and also guarantee constant access to the Internet. We want your online business to grow as best as possible with our help.


The service of hosting a server in a data center is in great demand in our country. Such a solution, unlike home storage, will save you a lot of worries about ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the equipment. Our data center ABC Server in Kharkov will perfectly cope with this role. Our experts will help you solve problems with equipment maintenance, such as:

  • Maintaining the air temperature in the required range for optimal operation of the equipment;
  • Uninterrupted power supply to servers;
  • Constant access to high-speed internet;
  • The necessary indicators of humidity inside the room, optimal for the operation of the equipment;
  • The safety of your equipment and the data that is stored on it.

This is ideal for servers of enterprises or sites with high traffic: promoted blogs, online stores, or just resources with high traffic. Therefore, it is worth placing your equipment in our ABC Server colocation center. If you do not have a server yet, then we suggest you purchase equipment that will already be pre-configured, i.e. ready to use. Various configurations of equipment are offered to choose from, for every taste and budget. In addition, you can rent rack space for an existing server. The choice is offered to choose the number of units you need in the closet. Any of your equipment will be installed in the shortest possible time by highly qualified specialists of the ABC Server data center. Any client will be able to have constant access to their server as an administrator 24/7/365.

Our specialists took care in advance that no potential problems would interfere with the operation of the equipment. Namely: the data center ABC Server has three independent channels that provide a constant connection to the Internet. The server room is not afraid of power outages, since it is powered from two different substations. In the event of an accident on the line, a diesel generator with an impressive supply of fuel is activated. Solar panels are located on the roof of the building, providing additional power supply. The equipment can work without interruption, because we have a modern heat removal system, which is used to heat the premises in winter and obtain hot water in summer. The server room is also not afraid of equipment failure: we have a stock of NEC equipment in such quantity that we can replace any number of servers. But that's not all. Thanks to the modern security system, your equipment will always be completely safe. The perimeter of the building outside and inside is under constant video surveillance. Multi-level identification of the person at the entrance to the territory of the data center ABC Server deprives unauthorized people of the opportunity to enter the building.